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How to Donate an Item

If you have an item to donate to our auction, please complete the  Auction Item Donation Form and contact us. Please provide a photo if possible.

This year the auction will look a little different! COVID isn’t stopping us!

We won’t be able to include any bidders in the TV studio during the live broadcast.

There will be many items up for bid with Steve Murphy from 11 am to 5 pm on Telethon Day and you can phone 1 844 400 1964 to place a bid during the live broadcast on Saturday, December 5, 2020.

The Christmas Daddies 2020 Online Auction will feature many items up for bid (check back for the link on December 1st). You can bid online and pay by credit card! Shipping of items will not be included in your purchase price.

2020 New Auction Items

johndeerlawntractor_2010John Deer Lawn Tractor

John Deer lawn tractor model LA115 – gas powered “hydro static” starter.
Estimated value $2,000
Donated by: Donald Gallant Enterprises

GT Aggressor Sport Bike

21 speed Small Frame with 27 inch wheels. This new bike was donated by the family of the late David Cable, who was a very good friend of Christmas Daddies for many, many years. Value $550
Donated by: The family of the late David Cable

The Quilting Grannies

Hand Made Queen Size Christmas Themed Cotton Quilt. The Quilting Grannies, established by Muriel Robertson and Annie Wilson in 2000 continues to grow in numbers as the ladies in the family begin to show interest in being part of this worthwhile tradition – and many aren’t “grannies” at all with their youngest ever member being only 8 years old! This year, the group ranges in age from 9 to 80, consisting of four generations and spanning across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Their signature is a heart and you will find at least one on every quilt The Quilting Grannies make.
This year’s quilt is a tribute to Annie, who passed away this spring.

Donated by : The Quilting Grannies

2020 Returning Auction Items

Navy Divers Helmet

This MK 5 brass diving helmet was originally donated by Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic) in 1985. A returning item to the Christmas Daddies Telethon auction.

Donated by Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic)

schoonerChristmas Daddies Schooner

A returning item, the highest bidder has ownership until our next Christmas Daddies broadcast! For the followers of Canada’s iconic sailing legend the Bluenose, the pride of Lunenburg, NS.  The Schooner was built and donated by Arthur Dalby.



In 1983, The plunger was the “mystery item” hidden behind a dark drape and not revealed until the bidding was over! Claim bragging rights to the plunger by placing the highest bid.

The plunger is a returning item.