Christmas Daddies - Auction

Main Auction Items with Steve Murphy

 John Deere Lawn Tractor

Model E100 Lawn Tractor
17.5 HP* engine
Deep deck design helps lift grass for a superior cut.
Improved deck lift lever raises and lowers deck easily.
Operator station is wide and comfortable. Powerful battery helps with starts, even after lengthy storage.
Retail Value before tax $2,500

Donated by: Donald Gallant Enterprises Ltd.

Navy Divers Helmet

A returning item to the Christmas Daddies Telethon auction.
A new MK 5 brass diving helmet trophy was built & donated to Christmas Daddies in 2021. The original was donated by Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic) in 1985.

Donated by Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic


In 1983, the plunger was the “mystery item” hidden behind a dark drape and not revealed until the bidding was over!
Claim bragging rights to the plunger by placing the highest bid! The plunger is a returning item.

Christmas Daddies Schooner

The Christmas Daddies Schooner is a returning item, the highest bidder has ownership until our next Christmas Daddies broadcast! For the followers of Canada’s iconic sailing legend the Bluenose, the pride of Lunenburg, NS.  The Schooner was built and donated by Arthur Dalby.