Christmas Daddies - Auction

Christmas Daddies Auction

How to Bid on an Item

To bid on an auction item you must call 1 844 400 1964 (toll free number)  on SATURDAY, DEC 2, 2017 between 10:30 AM – 4:45 PM  (Atlantic time) during the telethon.
If you would like to be a member of the auction bidders with CTV News Anchor Steve Murphy during the live broadcast in the Halifax studio, please contact us.
Bidders in the studio will have the final bidding opportunity just after 5 pm (Atlantic) during the live TV broadcast.

How to Donate an Item

If you have an item to donate to our auction, please download the PDF version of the Download Our Auction Item Donation Application and contact us. Please provide a photo if possible.

Auction Items

Navy Divers Helmet

This MK 5 brass diving helmet was originally donated by Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic) in 1985. A returning item to the Christmas Daddies Telethon auction.

Donated by Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic)

schoonerChristmas Daddies Schooner

A returning item, the highest bidder has ownership until our next Christmas Daddies broadcast!

For the followers of Canada’s iconic sailing legend the Bluenose, the pride of Lunenburg, NS.
The Schooner was built and donated by Arthur Dalby.



In 1983, The plunger was the “mystery item” hidden behind a dark drape and not revealed until the bidding was over! Claim bragging rights to the plunger by placing the highest bid.

The plunger is a returning item.

Bicyle Lamp by artist William Rudolph

Lamp made of Bicycle Parts: ReUsing at it’s BEST!

The base is made of a Japanese 10 Speed Sprocket with Legs which are uncut crank pins and a piece of gold coloued chain. The bottom hub is a Rolex made in India. The centre hub is a 3 speed torpedo made in Germany. The other hub is a made in China. The on/off lever is an MX brand Brake Lever. (very satisfying to turn on and off!

The shade is made of 2 strong-light sprockets made in France and a smaller BMX sprocket join to the larger with 5 chain ring bolts and a front hub race in the centre. The hold down ring for the shade is a part of a shifter that holds it to the handle bar. 15 spokes threaded on both ends and spoke nipples. The white weave is handlebar tape from the 1970’s cut in half and weaved through the upright spokes, then more gold coloured bicycle chain.
Donated by: Argyle Fine Art & Artist William Rudolph. Estimated value $500

johndeerlawntractor_2010John Deer Lawn Tractor

John Deer lawn tractor model LA115 – gas powered “hydro static” starter. Estimated value $2,000
Donated by: Donald Gallant Enterprises Ltd.